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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this morning trains are moving, but some big questions remain. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. that discovery of some sort of remains left in a package. somebody found them on manassas drive. megan mcgrath live with what we've learned overnight. >> reporter: the good news here is that vre service is back to normal. we've just seen the second train of the morning go through station here at manassas park. the trains running on time this morning. however, last night, that was not case after a very grizzly discovery was made right after 6:00. a black plastic bag with remains was found near the tracks, near the manassas park station. a vre spokesperson says they were informed of this package by police, and police told them that at first glance, the remains inside this trash bag appeared to be human. that's going to have to be confirmed by the medical examiner who is now involved in this case. everything had to be shut down
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as police investigated and set up a crime scene. there were four trains that were impacted by this. they shut down service south of burke. there were a few people, we're told that decided to stick with the trains. they stayed onboard until things were reopened. those folks, though, didn't get back home or get to their home station until after 10:00 last night. the investigation, of course, continuing, trying to nail down exactly what was inside this plastic bag, whether these remains were indeed human or perhaps something else entirely. all of that still under investigation. but again, if you ride vre, you're going to be okay this morning. things are running on time. reporting live in manassas park, megan mcgrath, news4, back to you all. metro trying to figure out what sparked a major power problem on the red line. those problem issues affected different parts of the line and caused major delays for thousands of people. danella sealock with a look at the rails this morning.
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>> good news on metro. no delays. and vre as well. this is on brunswick east. yesterday was tough on the rails, but so far it's good. over to the roads, let's head to i-270. slow southbound from 85 all the way to 109. that's where you're heavy on the bra brakes. you can see those headlights not bad. your volume is increasing. but it's a clear trip for you as you make your way to the beltway. as on as you step out the door, a chilly change. the temperatures plunged to the 40s. tom kierein now with a look at your forecast. tom, good morning. >> yeah. in fact, it's the coldest morning we have had since way last may. it's been four months. we're not used to this. you need to layer up, dig into your closet and find a sweater as we're starting off this
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morning, all these areas in the light blue, the 40s. and that includes most of virginia and maryland. out in west virginia, americwes maryland, the upper 30s. this is like a morning in early december, not late september. we still have warm waters around the bay. even so, look at ocean city. 53 there this morning. and here's the view from space. we have just a few high clouds drifting up from the south. they'll be with us from time to time this morning. give us a beautiful sunrise probably, which is at 6:54. by 7:00, in the upper 40s. by noontime, near 70. low humidity, lots of sun. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. now to decision 2012. today, tim kaine, george allen square off in a live televised debate in northern virginia. it is the first of three debates the virginia senate candidates will participate in and it is
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the only one that will take place in our area. tim kaine comes into today's debate with a little momentum, leading george allen by eight points. tim kaine a democrat, also leads the republican allen in a new quinnipiac university poll. you can see the debate right here at nbc 4 live. david gregory will be the moderator. i along with julie carey will be on the panel. you can watch it live online at mitt romney and president obama are both in florida today looking to win over some of the hispanic vote. last night, romney took part in a forum with univision. he took back some of the comments he made on a hidden camera video about the 47% of more thanes who he says don't pay income tax. >> my campaign is about the 100% of america, and i'm concerned about them. i'm concerned about the fact that over the past four years,
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life has become harder for americans. more people have fallen into poverty. >> romney also spoke out about health care and ill inauguration policy. >> president obama will attend the same forum hosted by univision today and he may face some tough questions about his own economic vision. nbc news has obtained a 1998 video that republicans now plan to use of then state senator barack obama talking about how the make government more efficient. >> i think the trick is figuring out how to restructure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate summary distribution, because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> and mitt romney is already striking out at those comments, saying that redistribution of wealth would hurt american entrepreneurship and job creation. d.c. police are on the hunt for a suspect who shot and killed a man during a break-in.
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officers respond around 8:30 last night. a woman was take on the the hospital, and it's not clear how she was injured. police have notreleased whether it was an actual burglar or a man living there. crews from the washington suburban sanitary commission are in the 600 block of largo road right now trying to fix a water main break. it's a 24-inch main and some 260 homes have no water. the commission says that they will work lightly into the afternoon. they plan to set up a water station for residents in that neighborhood. monica lewinsky's new venture that could be very revealing. also some fans going too far with the redskins' player who made a bad decision last week says happened since then. a dramatic drop overnight. we're waking up to some of the coolest temperatures in months. weather and traffic next. but next, the dog that
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epitomizes the phrase "don't
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now here's a bulldog with some bounce. this is mud, and he loves to just jump around on his family's trampoli trampoline doing some somersaults there. more than 400,000 people have watched this video on youtube of mud just flipping around and flopping around. >> some dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit. >> just having a good old time, barking away. >> he watches the kids do it. why not? >> very cute. why is his name mud? >> that's a fun name. i like that. he's still barking. >> very cute. coming up, some people flipping out about this forecast. people like it. >> you ought to see him on the water slide, too. this morning, you want to layer
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up. it is our chilliest morning since last may. look at this. we're down into the 40s in montgomery county, into arlington, fairfax, and across most of northern virginia. out of the mountains, a few locations have dipped into the upper 30s. hometown forecast, bethesda and montgomery county -- by noontime, it will soar to around 70 and that will be the story for the whole region today. hour by hour increasing sun. we ought to have a beautiful sunrise, which this morning is at 6:54. bied my afternoon, ought to hit the mid 70s. a dreamy, delightful day coming up. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at how much longer this is beginning to last. now a look at traffic. >> well, tom, i'm checking the areas. good news, not seeing any accidents, but you are starting to see some delays. first let's talk about some good news. i love good news. we take a live look at chopper 4, not bad as you cross over the
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american legion bridge. nice and clear on the inner loop and outer loop. outer loop seeing a little more volume with those taillights there, but nothing you can't handle. now the not so good news. if you're taking the beltway, you're starting to hit the bricks, really from i-95 as you make your way on the beltway past i-95 to new hampshire avenue. once you pass new hampshire avenue, it's not so bad. and traveling on i-95 in virginia, let's check travel speeds because you are starting to slow down, about 43 miles per hour, really sluggish around fairfax county parkway. back over to you. ahead, the major health concerns that shut down a plastic surgery center in
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[ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. you're watching news4 today. >> breaking news, the editor of the french satirical magazine that published several prophet muhammad cartoons this week is now under 24-hour police protection. police are outside the magazine's headquarters in paris and the editor is using two body guards. one cartoon shows the prophet naked. they say they publish the cartoons to poke fun at the anger over the obscure anti-islam videos. one of the actresses in the anti-islam film is suing the film maker saying she was lied to about the content of the
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film. cindy lee garcia is accusing the film maker of fraud, saying she thought the film was about ancient egyptians. three actresses have made similar claims saying they were tricked about what the film was about. the film maker lives in l.a. and he has gone into hiding. today a danish magazine says it will publish topless photos of kate middleton. the pictures of britain's likely future queen sunbathing. >> published. lawyers in france won an injunction this week. they blocked further publication in france. before that ruling, an italian tabloid and an irish paper published those pictures. gay service members say things have improved since the repeal of don't ask don't tell. it's been one year since that happened. glbt service members say they feel relieved that they don't have to live secret lives. the pentagon says the repeal has not affected recruiting and
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morale. service members say there is still discrimination, but they are now more rare. reports on the botched fast and furious operation will be the focus of a hearing on capitol hill this morning. a report citing poor management of the gun trafficking program. atf agents tried to track drug cartel leaders by letting weapons be smuggled into mexico. instead, few weapons were ever recovered and two turned up at a shootout where u.s. border patrol agent was killed. the report said there was no evidence eric holder knew about the risky operation. a massive prison break in mexico may have been an inside job. a judge ordered more than a dozen workers at that prison to be held under a form of house arrest while police investigate. the judge says he has evidence the employees helped more than 130 inmates bust out through a tunnel earlier this week. the fugitives are part of a violent drug cartel. just tw of them have been recaptured. a notebook will be the focus of a hearing in the colorado
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movie theater massacre. james holmes is accused of killing 12 people at an opening of the movie "the dark knight rises." at issue today is doctor a doctor-patient relationship existed when holmes sent a notebook to a psychiatrist. the material is privileged information according to defense attorneys. doctors want it entered as evidence in the case. after being out of the spotlight for years, it looks like monica lewinsky will return with a new tell-all book about her affair with president clinton. "the new york post" reports lewinsky is shopping a book and talking with publishing companies. her representative didn't deny the report, saying simply no comment. this would be her second book. she worked with an author on her biography, which was released in 1999. a maryland plastic surgery center is closed indefinitely after a patient died and two others developed serious infections. health officials shut down monarch med spa, north of baltimore. all three patients went to the spa in the past six weeks and
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developed severe cases of infections. those infections are usually mild but can be deadly if it infects the lungs or blood. officials from monarch med spa released a statement saying it is always concerned for the well-being of its patients. >> today the space shuttle endeavor will arrive in california. the shuttle is in houston right now. it landed there after giving residents along the gulf coast a pretty good photo on. endeavor will fly over houston, texas, and tuscan, arizona, today, before it lands at edwards air force base in california. it will then fly to l.a.x. tomorrow and eventually go on display at the california science center. mike shanahan says the team sin vest gaiting death threats against wide receiver josh morgan. some fans are still furious over this unsportsmanlike penalty morgan received late in last sunday's loss to the rams. the penalty forced the skins to attempt a 62-yard field goal to tie the game. billy cundiff missed that kick and the st. louis rams won. >> you know, i heard everything. especially when they got you on
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twitter and they start sending the death threats and wishing bad on your family and your first born and things like that. you know, you see it all, you hear it all. you don't got no choice but to hear it all and hear it all, but you never let it get to you. >> nor began says the nfl fined him for that penalty but won't say how much. nationals fans could clinch a playoff berth tonight. their magic number to do that now stands at one, after spligt their double head we are dodgers yesterday, the nats won the opener 3-1. they lost game 2, though, 7-6. the nationals rallied to tie the game. matt kemp eventually homered in the ninth inning to give los angeles the lead for good. nationals manager davy johnson was fuming after the game about a blown call in the fourth inning. ryan zimmerman tagged a runner heading from second base to third base, before the runner who had been on third could score. the umpire, though, said the runner had touched home before
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zimmerman's tag. >> in my mind, he was already out. he obviously blew the call. it wasn't reviewable. and they all discussed it. evidently nobody was paying attention. but kemp wasn't rung. >> the braves won last night, so the first place lead is now five games. the record is 90 wins to 58 losses or something like that. >> we're looking good. >> despite a call like that, we're still doing okay. >> three eye balls right here saying he was tagged out. beautiful start to your morning, but cold out there. >> feast your eye balls on this. a gorgeous sunrise under way. there's a plane taking off from reagan national. it is the coldest morning we've had since last may, as we take a look at temperatures, it's down into the 40s. most of maryland and virginia and into west virginia and parts of the mountains there. we had temperatures into the
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upper 30s. right now, as we look at the view from space, we have just a few high clouds drifting over the region, setting a stage for a gorgeous sunrise. four-day forecast, we will have our temperatures reaching the mid 70s this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon near 80 with low humidity. gorgeous. and then on saturday, increasing clouds. might get a shower saturday afternoon into saturday evening. sunday looking great for the next skins game. they take on the bengals at fedex field. ought to be around 70 sunday afternoon. and partly cloudy. a beautiful start to next week. we'll have low humidity in place, high 70s and chilly mornings. i'm back in ten minute. danella has a look at your first 4 traffic. >> checking out the roadways and i am seeing some congestion build in the area just a bit if you're traveling along 50 inbound making your way towards kennelworth avenue. taking the beltway in prince george's county, inner loop and outer loop, your travel lanes are open. local roads as well not seeing any issues along 301.
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we'll take a look at 5 right now. northbound, you can see the headlights slowing down just a bit. however, the good news, not seeing any accidents on 5 as you travel in neither direction. but you are starting to slow down as you head northbound towards the beltway. it is now 6:23. major doubts on a harvard researcher's finding about jesus.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep.
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i have a fear of heights, so that first half an hour was a little bit daunting. >> 20 people stranded 300 feet up in the air after an amusement park ride broke down. the riders were stuck there for about three hours. police say despite it looking very scary, nobody got hurt. this is the second time that ride malfunctioned in the past two weeks. major doubts are being raised about the authenticity of a controveial slip of ancient paper. a researcher says the paper's translation suggests jesus had a wife.
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some experts say the grammar and script of the language are suspicious, while others question whether the anonymous owner of the text has financial motivations. >> people talking about the fact that it's papyrus and that it's still so readable after so long. the experts will figure it out eventually. ahead, police not just prepared for iphone shoppers. who else they expect to show up at local stores. plus a wild crash caught on tape. one officer's split-second heroics that you have to see. and the inspirational story behind a local singer who now has a starring role in his hometown. >> and grab your favorite sweater or your jacket. you'll need it. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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it is a cool morning.
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and now, from washington's leading news station this is
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news4 today. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. across the board, it is a chilly morning. temperatures fell into the 40s, but a nice rebound is coming. tom kierein is on the storm team 4 weather deck. how cold sit out there for you? >> it's enough to see your breath. incredible. it is down to the 40s, as you mentioned, throughout most of the morning. thankfully we don't have any wind at all. we've got a gorgeous clear sky, though. we can see venus gleaming brilliantly in the southeastern sky now. take a look around the region, all the areas in the light blue are in the 40s. that includes a lot of virginia, most of maryland, and out in west virginia and the western mountains of western maryland, it's in the 30s. those areas in dark blue. 55 now at reagan national, and it's still -- you know, the water temperatures are rather warm and probably going to be getting a fog forming right over the warm waters, but otherwise, we have got a cold start
6:32 am
comparatively. if you have to stand out for a length of time, you definitely need a sweater and layer up. it will stay in the 40s for another couple of hours. by eig8:00 a.m., eight to climb into the 50s. a dramatic warm-up. by mid afternoon, we ought to hit the mid 70s. low humidity. a wonderful day coming up. i'll be back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. danella here with a look at your traffic. >> if you're traveling in our area, you know how it goes. the usual suspect of i-66 slow already, looking like a six-mile backup. slow from the bypass. here's a live look at chopper 4 as you make your way to the beltway. still seeing volume here. i'm checking for accidents, not seeing any, but you are sluggish on i-66. i'm seeing delays here as well. this is a live look as you make your way past germantown road. heavy on the brakes as you make
6:33 am
your way to urbana. seeing volume here, but it's not as bad. but it is going to be stop and go from germantown to the beltway. aaron, over to you. one person is dead in a violent motorcycle accident just off the university of maryland campus, just before 11:00 last night, umd police tried to pull over that bike near the college park metro station. the driver took off, lost control of the motorcycle, and slammed head-on into a car. the motorcycle driver died at the nearby hospital. nobody in the car was hurt. later this morning, a funeral for a prince george's county teen killed while walking to school. markell ross was shot to death last week on his way to central high school. police don't have any information about a suspect and are asking the public for help in solving this crime. ross's family have l have a viewing at 10:00 this morning at jericho city of praise church in landover followed by a funeral service. counselors will be available today at a d.c. high school to help students cope with a campus
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shooting. two students got into an argument at coolidge high school. one student left and came back with a gun and shot the other student on the football field. the victim was shot in the leg and is expected to be okay. two men are behind bars this morning for trying to sell fake versions of the new iphone 5. police arrested the two men for selling fake iphones that looked kind of like this one. the fake phone had a different font and the front facing camera is in the wrong spot. they say other fake versions of the phone already showing up on e-bay and other websites. tomorrow the authentic iphone 5 hits store shelves. d.c. police are warning soon-to-be owners to be careful with their new purchase. they say people should be aware as they're leaving the apple store tomorrow morning. they're saying that people should conceal the apple box on their way home and not to play with it when you're walking home or to the car, however tempting. a large cross that stood tall for nearly 90 years could soon come down. a group argues it violates the
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separation of church and state. the peace cross memorial is at baltimore avenue and route 450. it sat on private property when it was erected as a memorial for fallen soldiers. the american humanist association now has issues with its location now that maryland took over that property. the national atheist group wants the park service to either remove the peace cross or replace it. the attorneys with maryland's parks and recreations are reviewing that cross. the american humanist association says it's already -- it is ready to take the case to court if needed. imagine playing poker or craps on capitol hill. marion berry and jack evans want to explore the possibility of gambling in the district. the idea may not fly with members of congress at nearby states. they may try to block any measure that could take businessings from their state's casinos. ahead, what we're learning
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about the disturbing find near some local train tracks. just follow your feet to get where you're going. gps shoes that also pay tribute to a famous movie. also, a pair of flight attendants, the fight that left passengers stranded on the tarmac. and when we'll bounce bac
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a dramatic crash on
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welcome back. take a look at this video from lubbock, texas. a police officer's quick thinking likely saved a woman's life. the officers were helping her after a minor accident when a drunk driver slammed into a parked patrol car. the officer shoved the woman out of the way, but suffered serious injuries himself. he has since been released from the hospital. the driver who hit the police car was arrested for driving
6:40 am
while intoxicated. >> so easily could have been so much worse than what actually happened there. fortunately, while the injury seemed to be serious, he'll survive this. but scary stuff. >> quite the hero there acting so quickly. let's take a live look outside. sun not quite up just yet, but we are getting some of those first race and pretty clear skies it looks like right now. >> tom kierein talking about the cold temperatures. good morning. >> do you know where your fleece is? you'll need to layer up this morning. we are down into the mid 40s in the nearby suburbs in arlington, fairfax, montgomery, and prince george's counties. most of maryland and most of virginia, except near the waters, are in the 40s. parts of the shenandoah valley in the 30s. it will be in the low 50s by 8:30 with lot of sunshine. a delightful morning after that
6:41 am
as we'll rapidly warm up. by noontime, it will be around 70 degrees all around the whole region with lots of sun. for afternoon with low humidity in place. an absolutely dreamy day with highs reaching the mid 70s. the low humidity with us into tonight as well. a look at friday and the weekend, and a look into next week, too, that's all coming up in ten minutes. now a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning, and thanks, tom. we have an accident if you're making your way by tyson's corner mall. the left lane is blocked by the crash there. taking the beltway in prince george's county, your travel lanes are open. as you continue towards new hampshire avenue, that's where you're heavy on the brakes. you're slow as you continue towards university boulevard. not seeing any accidents on the
6:42 am
outer loop and inner loop in montgomery. traveling in virginia, traveling on i-66 as well as i-95, seeing delays it is stop and go for you, but the usual delays. metro is trying to figure out what led to a major power problem on the red line. the power issues affected different parts of the line and caused major delays for thousands yesterday. the worst was near the tenley train station where a train was stuck for about an hour. metro admits it was a bad morning and promised to find the source. the medical examiner is now helping police figure out what kind of remains were in a bag near vre station yesterday. someone made the gruesome discovery near the manassas park station during the evening commute. it halted service south of the burke station. megan, how are things looking this morning? >> reporter: the good news for
6:43 am
vre riders, things are looking very good this morning. trains are running on schedule. we've seen several trains go through the station. no problems to report. that was not the case last night after a very grizzly discovery was made in the height of the rush hour. police called vre to let them know that someone had found a black plastic bag with remains in it near the tracks by the manassas park station. a vre spokesperson says that the police told them that at first glance, those remains in the bag appeared to be human. however, that's got to be confirmed by the medical examiner and tests are being performed at this point. that became a police investigation. they had to cordon off the area, which meant that service had to be stopped south of burke. there were four trains that got stranded, about 1,700 people who were affected and they said it took them hours to get home. it was a very ugly commute. >> just a pain getting out of the parking lot. usually get out of here at a decent time. everybody's pretty courteous. but they shut down the track, shut down the traffic, blocked
6:44 am
off the roads. made for a hectic commute home. >> it's pretty unusual. weird. scary, too. >> reporter: and police trying to figure out exactly what the remains in the bag are and who left them in this area. it was an area just off a road right beside the train tracks here by the manassas park station. so that investigation is continuing. but again, if you take vre, everything looks good this morning. all of the trains are on time. reporting live in manassas park, megan mcgrath. american airlines reviewing a delayed flight from new york to reagan national after two flight attendants got into a fight. the plane was set to leave kennedy airport yesterday afternoon when all of a sudden it turned around, it went back to the gate. witnesses say it started when one flight attendant was on her phone and the other one made an announcement. the cockpit crew was alerted and decided to kick the flight attendants off the plane.
6:45 am
>> a couple minutes later, the flight attendant mentioned kind of in a low breath and the oth flight attendant refused to work with her, and we were informed that we were going back to the gate because of the flight attendants couldn't work with each other. >> both will meet with their supervisor to determine if there should be in disciplinary action. police are looking for an annapolis bank robber. it happened around 9:20. he's wearing a plastic facemask resembling charlie sheen. police say the robber implied he had a weapon. the tellers handed over the cash. the man fled. no one was hurt. there is a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. d.c. police are on the hunt for a suspect who shot and killed a man during a break-in. officers responded around 8:30 last nie last night. they found a man dead inside an
6:46 am
apartment. a woman was taken to the hospital. it's not clear how she was injured. police have not released whether or not that man was the potential burglar or the person living there. today tim kaine and george allen will square off in northern virginia. it is first of three debates for virginia senate candidates and it is the only one that will take place in our area. tim kaine comes into today's debate with a little momentum. he leads allen by eight points in the latest "washington post" poll. tim kaine, a democrat, leads the republican allen in a new quinnipiac university poll. both of them well-known across the state and of course here in northern virginia. the economy going to be the big issue they'll have to address in this debate today for people who are listening, and in particular, the idea that the impact that some budget deals could have on the defense industry, which is big in virginia, obviously. so they'll have to talk about money and some social issues, too. >> virginia being a big battleground state leading up to the presidential election as
6:47 am
well. you can see the debate beginning at noon today. david gregory of "meet the press" will moderate the debate. i along with our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey will be on the panel, along with someone from "the washington post." you can watch the debate online live at mitt romney and president obama are both in the swing state of florida today looking to win over some of the hispanic vote. last night, romney took part in a forum with univision and tried to take back some of the comments he made on hidden camera video about the 47% of americans who don't pay income tax. >> my campaign is about the 100% of america and i'm concerned about them. i'm concerned about the fact that over the past four years, life has become harder for americans. more people have fallen into poverty. >> romney also spoke about health care and immigration policy. president obama will take part in the same forum hosted by univision today, and he may face
6:48 am
some tough questions about his own economic vision. nbc news has obtained a 1998 video that republicans now plan to use of then state senator barack obama talking about how to make government more efficient. >> i think the trick is figuring out how to restructure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution, because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> mitt romney already slamming those comments, saying that redistribution of wealth would hurt american entrepreneurship and job creation. new census numbers show the d.c. region boasts the highest household incomes in the nation. the american community survey looked at household incomes. our area has seven of the top ten counties on the list. number one is loudoun county. other counties include howard, prince william and montgomery
6:49 am
counties. all made more than $90,000 in household income. a new report this morning that bank of america is planning major cuts and fast. bank of america is planning to cut 16,000 jobs by the end of the year. a goal of cutting its staff by 30,000 people. the move would shrink the company's work force below that of jp morgan chase and wells for forfo fargo. the company also has let go some of its less experienced investment bankers. and in other news, procter & gamble wants to add a little flavor to its popular heartburn pill prilosec. it will now have a wild berry flavor, even though it's meant to be swallowed, not chewed. the pills are coated with the ingredients to give it a cooling sensation. the flavor will last up to five minutes. it's the biggest change from
6:50 am
prilosec since et went over the counter in 2003. the new version will be in stores next month. that's the two stories we are watching today. back to you. heads up now for people in buoy. there was an early morning fire at the ymca in the 3500 block of moylen drive. that is closed today, including the childcare center there. let's turn to tom kierein now. somebody tweeted that they walked the dog, just a light jacket, no need for the big coat this morning. >> that was just for the dog. my hands are still cold from being out there. we do have a gorgeous golden sunrise over the potomac. live view from our hd city camera. as a result, i was talking about hey, there's venus up there. i turned my camera up toward venus and took this photo. there it was, venus gleaming brillia brilliantly. it's a little bright spot in the sky. venus about the same size of the
6:51 am
earth, but it's about a zillion miles away from us, but we can certainly see it. look at this gorgeous sunrise sent in from st. mary's county from last weekend over st. mary's lake. send your photos to weather at we've got that glorious sunrise over the potomac now. reagan national at 55. that's the warm spot. dew point dry at 58 and a light northerly breeze. we are down into the low to mid 40s in the mountains. the new locations on the highlands down to the upper 30s now. closer to washington, prince george's county is near 50. much of montgomery county near 50. we've got just a few clouds giving us this gorgeous sunrise. by 8:00, only in the upper 40s, low and mid 50s and we'll have a call wind thankfully and lots of sunshine. but for your lunch hour, a
6:52 am
dramatic warm-up. we ought to be into the upper 60s to near 70. low humidity, delightful during the afternoon. highs reaching mid 70s by mid afternoon. then overnight tonight, it will be clear, not as chilly. tomorrow morning ought to be reaching the mid 50s by dawn. another spectacular day. highs reaching around 80 by mid afternoon. low humidity and lots of sun. beautiful friday night for all the friday night football games and for all the college games on saturday. there might be some showers late saturday. looking great, partly cloudy, low humidity. lows near 70. this autumn pattern continues. danella, how is traffic? >> seeing delays in our area. first let's start with the metro. if you're taking the blue line, had an earlier train malfunction at federal center, so you're seeing delays on the blue line as you continue towards
6:53 am
franconia springfield. eastbound, leesburg pike, at westwood center drive. also seeing red if you're traveling 395. heavy on the brakes from the beltway as you make your way towards king street. not seeing a report of an accident, but i'm going to keep watching that for you and let you know. let's head over to route 50. not so bad as you make your way heading inbound to new york avenue, but your travel speed from the beltway, you're at about 29 miles per hour. that drive taking 11 minutes. aaron, over to you. this morning, a d.c. mother has a lot of questions for her son's school after her 3-year-old somehow wandered away from a pre-k program. she spoke exclusively with news4. when she went to school to pick her son up at cw harris elementary yesterday, she says boy was nowhere to be found. turns out the 3-year-old walked three blocks to his house where his grandmother happened to be home. green says the idea of her son missing even for a few minutes
6:54 am
is frightening. >> this could have happened to anybody's child, and my child could have been hit by a car. he could have been taken by anybody. so it's like a really scared feeling. not too much anger anymore. but it's just scary because he's my only child and he's the only thing i have. >> the school said camera footage showed the boy leaving the building with another student. green says she plans to meet with school officials first thing this morning. from homeless child to opera singer, a d.c. native with a very distinct voice says he's now living a dream. solomon howard lived most of his childhood homeless in southeast. his bass voice helped him get a full scholarship to morgan state university. how he is helping the opera. howard hopes his rough past will inspire others to pursue their dreams. >> i always say i want to use my voice, the gift that i've been given, to give back to others. that's my dream.
6:55 am
>> he could just pick up the phone book, start reading the newspaper, whatever it is. that voice. howard says a high school teacher was first to discover his vocal talents. i've got to go see that show. >> jealous. that's all i've got. you wish for a voice like that every day of your life. have you ever been lost and just wanted to click your heels together and poof, you're back at home? >> well, there are some shoes that won't do the poofing, but will lead you home. check it out. these snazzy shoes are called no place like home. an -- red l.e.d. lights point you in the right direction. the lights on the other shoe tell you how close you're getting. >> that's a little complicated. i'd still get lost probably. >> the shoes are fun. you can probably use a smart phone. >> the shoes are novel.
6:56 am
not am the around smd. >> i want to know how much they cost. >> that's right. let's get your out the door forecast. >> dress for a chilly to cold morning. we're down just into the 40s now. layer up. then you'll peel off those layers by the afternoon into the mid 70s. lots of sun, low humidity. might get a shower saturday afternoon or saturday evening, and then great sunday into next week. back to you. that is news4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and any breaking news. we're right back here tomorrow morning at 4:28. hope you'll join us then. have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow.
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